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elcome to Patagonia in Southern Argentina. A beautiful region in the South of Latin America known for its beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains and temperate forests. Patagonia has just about everything to offer to the foreign adventure seeker; horseback riding, rafting, whale watching, fly fishing and much more.

Besides the usual tourist excursions people take such as boat trips, trekking, climbing and skiing for example, I have been looking for a means to travel Argentina the traditional way. I have dreamt about it. Now you can experience this dream with me. Experience Patagonian culture the traditional way. Horses, gauchos (traditional Argentine man), sheep, cows, Indians, nature, sunsets, starlit skies, full moons, the majestic condors, whales, orcas and all the fauna one can encounter at the Atlantic Ocean and the interior of the country are simply not to be found in other parts of the world.

My trips are arranged, as I would like them to be if I was participating. I will take you for an unforgetable adventure to many parts of Southern Argentina that you will remember for a long time. The point of departure is the city of Bariloche, as there is an airport with several connections daily to Buenos Aires and some other parts of the country.


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