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Horse Riding in Patagonia

hat better way is there to be on horseback with a very comfortable saddle covered with thick sheepskin and surrounded by natural beauty? The traditional men of Argentina (gauchos) spend a large part of the day on their horses and without a good saddle; they would never be able to fulfil their tasks.

Horse riding tours are available in half day packages or several days trekking over the Patagonian mountain range. On such tours you can expect to see condors (Lions of the Andes), Lamas (Guanacos) and Ostridge's (Choique).

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horse riding around bariloche
For lunch you will be able to try the world famous Argentinean 'Asado'. This is meat cooked over an open flame that gives a very natural taste. Along the way you will have the opportunity to try maté, the traditional herbal infusion which is served in a type of curd with a metal straw, usually with homemade bread or cakes.

For several day horse trips no previous experience is required. During these trips, we ride for up to 6 to 8 hours per day sleeping in various places like mountain huts, small farms, estancias and sometimes in tents.

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