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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best period to travel to Patagonia?
Patagonia has the best weather conditions between October and May. The summer months are January, February and March, when the weather can be quite hot, but always with a little breeze or wind.

Do I need horseriding experience?
For horse riding tours you don't need experience. Several tourists have done a three day trip without ever riding before. They loved it! We go slowly up and down the mountains to enjoy the landscapes.

How are the bus connections from Buenos Aires?
Several busses leave Buenos Aires daily. I recommend the super cama from Via Bariloche. They leave at 15.00 hrs and arrive the next morning at 10.00 hrs. You have a bed and all meals included. How much does a trip cost?

How much are horse riding tours?
For horse riding tours I charge 100 euros for one day trips and 150 euros for several days, including transport, horses, food and drinks.

How are hotels in Bariloche?
I can organise little hotels in town at a cheap rate, stays in family homes or luxurious cottages and hotels, up to your needs.

Can I stay in your house?
Accommodation in my house is possible, though you need to accept my dog Lahui and cat Pichihuel. The rate is 40 euros per day, including breakfast.

Can I learn Spanish in Bariloche?
There are several Spanish schools in Bariloche to learn the language. I could recommend however private classes with a private teacher.

How much is a peso, compared to the euro?

Can you organise other things for me?
I can book flights and buses all over the country for you. Pre-payment is required.

Can you pick me up from the airport or bus station?
When you have a tour booked with Arianepatagonia we pick you up free of charge.

Are cars easy to rent?
Renting a car is a great way to explore the country. Cars are not too expensive to rent, though a drop off charge at another city can be quite high.

How long have you lived in Bariloche?
I arrived in Bariloche in August 2003.

Is Bariloche a destination by itself?
One could choose to come to Bariloche for a long period of time, though taking the place as a center point to travel to Chile or the south is recommended. Around Bariloche there is a lot to see, a good week is advisable.

How far is Chile?
There are boat trips to Chile (Puerto Montt), which take from 8 to 20 hrs, crossing the Andes by boat and parts by bus. Bus connections are several times per day to Puerto Montt and take 7 hours.

Is Argentina dangerous?
Argentina is a country with an economical crisis at the moment. People need money, so you need to be careful, especially in the big cities.
When you travel in the countryside of Patagonia, you don't have this problem. Sometimes you only meet up with one or two cars per day.

Are there saunas and massage places in Bariloche?
Yes, Bariloche is a spiritually developed city. You can have massages, yoga classes, meditations, "temascal" sauna (traditional aboriginal type of sauna) etc. Even spiritual horsetrips with meditation and purifications are an option.

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